Sister Bradley

Sister Bradley

Monday, July 10, 2017

Baptism, Chitpotle, Jesus book, Planning (I'm super bad at coming up with titles) - Email from Jenny July 10

DOUG GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was such a special experience!! Both of his daughters got to be there (one of them is a non-member and apparently the other is a super inactive member!) Doug was so happy and he is so ready for his journey to keep going! It is really interesting how God works in our lives. The day we found Doug I will have to be honest, I wasn't super excited about working. I wasn't feeling very good and kind of had a headache because I was fasting. But, we kept working, because that is what we are supposed to do. It was on that day that I wanted to work that least, that God blessed us to find Doug in the perfect circumstance. I have learned that usually when we want to endure the least is when we need to do it the most!!! I am so grateful to have the privilege of finding and teaching Doug. We all have so much to learn from one another!

After the baptism, we went to Chipotle for a treat! God was still blessing us though! While I was in line waiting to pay for my food, one of the workers looked at my tag and said, "I need to go to that church." really casually, like I almost didn't catch it. I said, "Pardon?" just to make sure I heard her right and she repeated herself! I told her I could give her our card with our number on it and that we'd love to see her! She told me to give it to the cashier because people dealing with food aren't allowed to take things, so I asked the cashier to give it to her for me and she said, "hey I need to go to church too. I'll come with you!" WOW! 2 for 1! haha then we sat down and ate our food and when we were almost done, I noticed this man who was sitting with his wife staring at us. I awkwardly made eye contact with him 2 times within 30 seconds and was thinking to myself, okay, what do we do about this? I told Sister Murray and we weren't exactly sure what to say or how to approach this man. I ended up just walking up to him and asking him if he wanted a card. His face lit up and he was so excited that we talked to him! His English wasn't very good since he is from Mexico, but he was ecstatic to talk to us! He took the card and held it like it was the best things he'd ever been given! He also told us we were his "greatest gift that day." I concluded from this experience that we obviously need to go to Chipotle more often! haha

We have been teaching a lady named Jackie, and we discovered she knows next to nothing about Jesus, just that he is really important for some reason.It has been so cool to introduce her to Him by telling her about his birth and how he was baptized and we are still going to continue to teach her more! It is really fantastic because I feel that most of the time when we go over she is in a foul mood because her life is pretty hard. She is having marital problems, she is pretty much bound to a wheelchair, she is overweight and financially tight, but every time we leave she is always so happy and almost in tears because of the joy that she feels! "...Men are that they might have JOY" (2 Nephi 2:25) and true joy comes from God.

We tracted into this super interesting lady who told us about this book Jesus was writing through her. She was so grateful we came and said we were an answer to her prayers because sometimes she struggles to find the motivation to keep writing. She said she'd give us a copy when she finishes :) she also told us she could see Jesus in our eyes so I guess that was cool haha

At a Leadership Council I went to this week, we had a training on planning, and usually those can be pretty boring but this one offered super cool insights! Planning is a tool we have to be effective and a way to become more like Heavenly Father. Now, I know you are probably thinking, "how does planning make me more like God?'' Well, Heavenly Father was the ULTIMATE planner. He created a PERFECT plan for us, where everything was thought through. We were given His Son, Jesus Christ as the ultimate sacrifice to make this plan possible, and now it is up to us to choose what we want to let this plan make of us. It can allow us to become our full potential and enter into the Celestial Kingdom or not, it is our choice. Plan well friends :)

Serving with a Smile,
Sister Bradley

P.S. just in case you were wondering what we did on the 4th, we had our preparation day until 6, so we got to go to the County Fair and played soccer, and then talked to people until dusk and then sat with our neighbors as they lit off fireworks :)

1. We went chalking!

2. It was pretty messy...

3. Doug's baptism!!! :) Me, Doug, Bro. Jefferson, Sister Murray

1. Happy Independence Day!

2. Doug had his daughter do a fancy braid in his hair like the main character from the movie Willow :) (a movie probably only he has seen haha)

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