Sister Bradley

Sister Bradley

Monday, July 31, 2017

#blessed - Email from Jenny July 31

HOLA!! Transfer news came!!!! And....Sister Murray will be leaving and I will be getting a new companion!! It figures because she has been here for 9 months...haha my new companions name is Sister Soloa'i and I've heard she is a super good missionary so it should be a good time next transfer!

This week we finally found success in getting a wheelchair for Jackie to use at church!! Her wheelchair is super big and super heavy and she felt like an inconvenience bringing it to church, and after 3 weeks of searching we found one at the VFW. What is that you may ask? it the Veterans of Foreign Wars and they apparently loan out wheelchairs to Veterans or their families in need, but they happen to not have anyone using them at the time, so they let us take one :) Now she can come to church!! Definitely said a gratitude prayer after that one!!

Also, Yali is BACK!!!! They were on vacation for a super long time!! They also fed us dinner on Saturday and wow. American Chinese food is WAAAY different than authentic!!! We ate a huge bowl of soup and then she gave us a plate (because we are Americans and all Americans eat a lot I guess...) and then we picked a little more of the food she prepared and then after we put food on our plate, she started shoveling food on our plate! We told her "that's good! That's good!" but she kept going! She also gave us tons of meat because she thinks Americans eat so much meat and "Chinese don't eat much meat." Right now, she is very stuck on the trinity. She can't fathom anything else being true. Every time we see her she brings it up and we share something with her. She is slowly becoming more open to it...I think. We told her about the Nicene Creed and how man defined God and voted on it. She said in China that she would recite the Nicene Creed in church occasionally and that when she did that she would feel uncomfortable! We told her that was the Holy Spirit telling her that it wasn't true, but I am not sure if she completely understood what we were saying...darn language barrier.

The Stith family is still doing great!! We had a complete lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and they were so excited! Ryan was taking good notes and they were understanding all the content well! Ryan and his son Aiden even came to chruch when Janet couldn't come because she had work! We were planning the next lesson and it looked like it'd have to be in the late evening at 8pm and Ryan was like "Ehhh, it's okay that it's late, I'll lose sleep for Jesus!!" Yes!!! "Seek ye first the kingdom of God... and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matt 6 :33)

This week we also had Zone conference, and Sister Murray and I were asked to give a training on planning. We realized some pretty cool things as we planned this training. In Preach My Gospel, almost every time it talks about planning, it always says, SET GOALS before make plans. After reading that seriously like 20 times, it dawned on us. Before making any plans for the day, the week, or lessons, anything, it is SO IMPORTANT TO MAKE GOALS FIRST! What would be the point of the plans made if there was no progress towards an end goal? Think of the perfect plan that was prepared for us. It was Heavenly Father's plan. He has a very specific goal for us: Exaltation. And He has a very specific plan for us to live while we are here on earth to achieve that: The Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we are to emulate His perfect planning and to become more like Him, we must prayerfully set goals and then seek Heavenly Father's guidance to work and make those goals come to pass. This week we had a goal of 3 new investigators and we only had 2 on Sunday, so we set a goal of 1, and then we made plans of where we wanted to go to try and make this goal come to pass. We prayed for this goal all day, and in the end, because of showing our faith, we found success. (This definitely applies to non-missionary life too ) God wants us to achieve our full potential! But, He can't help us if we don't set goals to improve and make plans to accomplish them. I invite you to re-evaluate the goals that you have. Are they moving you toward your ultimate goal? Do you have an end goal?

Love you!!

Serving with a Smile,
Sister Bradley

 1. President Carlson had a birthday and an Elder made him a pin!

 2. Exchange picture (because I forgot to take one when we exchanged with the Plymouth sisters)

 3. Kelly Roy and her daughter Shania, Kelly is a less active we work with!

4. Yali, and her son Yiheng :) they are so cute!!

Chinese food!

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